Carilyn aka FlyingMom (with nephew Caleb Alan on December 20, 1996.)

  Born in Burlington, Iowa on May 7, 1961 to Doug and Marilyn.
  Second of four children, (only girl.)
  Graduated Danville Iowa High School in 1979.
  Mother of four children: Toni Marie, United States Army; 
Elaine, 17, 11th grade; Cari Jo, 15, 9th grade; Matthew, 13,
6th grade.
  Married Dell (aka E2C) on August 7, 1993. He is Assistant
Chief Engineer with KFXA Fox 28 TV.
  Employed as Medical Transcription Technician for
St. Lukes Hospital.
  Hobbies include writing, fishing, camping, attending air
shows, model building, woodburning and Sean Connery.
  Likes designing, building and flying remote control airplanes
with Dell. (I have my own now, a Cadet Seniorta covered in
purple with yellow detailing. Has "FlyingMom" on the fuselage
and "Land This Side Up" on the wings.)

The car above was a 1967 Camaro (6 cyclinder, 3 in the tree) that Dell won in 1997 from 97X in Davenport, Iowa. It was the last year the radio station held their "Crushed Car/Classic Car Giveaway". Dell and five others identified a black cube as a 1981 Tan Chevy Citation. He won on the tie breaker saying the car had 118,000 miles on it. He was only 900 miles off and the closest!! We sold the car at a classic car auction in Des Moines, Iowa in October of 1998. Favorite airplane is the P-51D Mustang. We have the plans from War of Florida to build our own Mustang, someday. It will be called "Half Pint Wannabe". Collects Anne Geddes and aviation related pictures. Favorite definition of love: Love means liking a person as well as loving him or her. If the most important part of your relationship is physical, and you don't seem to have much to talk about - face it, it's just a physical attraction. Love is giving, not taking. It wants the best for the one you love. Love makes you want to charge out into the world and DO as well as THINK big. It makes you want to share your thoughts and dreams - it's honest and open. Love doesn't arrive in an instant. It takes time to grow and flower, and when the storms of life blow in, it doesn't wither. (From Dear Abby, September 24, 1998.) Favorite saying: So long as I'm thinking what I'm thinking now and so long as I'm doing the things I'm doing now, I don't believe I'll ever take another drink. (He Had To Be Shown, Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, Third Edition, 1976.)
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Cedar Rapids, IA

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